School Site Council

School Site Council is a representative body of parents, teachers, and the school Principal and Assistant Principal. The major functions of the School Site Council are to provide feedback and support the development and monitoring of our school's Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), which is the overarching document that informs our educational priorities and details the funding and actions available to support these goals. In addition, our SSC reviews and provides input about our site disaster preparedness plans and shares information and asks questions they may bring forth from our school community regarding school-wide plans and procedures. 

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Anette Starbuck

Aradhana Goel

Bangwei Zhang

Bryan Cifuentes

Jamie Valdes

Smeeta Khetarpaul

Sunim Chambers

Xiaoxiao Gu


Ashley Estrada

Brantley Carranza

Carlo Grasso

Dan Carroll

Janice Reynoso

Jason Greenwood

Jessica Hopkins

Melody Alvarado